About time too!

Posted on August 2, 2011 by admin
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In its latest effort to change gambling legislation for the better the Fairer Gambling Campaign is playing a proactive role in the Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s new inquiry into gambling. The inquiry will be looking at the implementation and operation of the Gambling Act 2005 focusing on whether the Act’s three main objectives are being adhered to (gambling is crime free, conducted in a fair and open manner, and protecting children and vulnerable people from its adverse elements).

The Committee invited written submissions to which the Fairer Gambling Campaign provided thoughts, suggestions and evidence covering offshore gambling, licensing of betting shops, and gambling machines in betting shops amongst a number of points.

Essentially our written submission details our belief that the Gambling Act 2005 does not successfully deliver on the licensing principles and objectives.

The aim of the Fairer Gambling Campaign has been to get the Government to review the Gambling Act 2005, taking a particular look at betting shop machine regulation, so we hope this inquiry will be a key milestone in our journey towards fairer gambling for all.

The Commons Select Committee is due to carry out oral hearings in September, and we will keep you updated regarding this outcome of the inquiry – it could be the first step in changing the UK gambling regulation for the better.