Garry Owen: Sad punters are getting FOBT-ed off with betting terminals

Posted on October 4, 2013 by admin
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CONSERVATIVE MP Iain Macleod was the first punter to refer to the “nanny state” back in December, 1965 before the term became a favourite of Margaret Thatcher during her reign in Downing Street.

Now I’m no blue-blooded right-winger and I’d prefer a decent kip to UKIP, but I’d like to raise a few points about “nannying” with my two favourite hobbies, gambling and drinking.

Fixed odds betting terminals, FOBTs or puggies to you and I, have become a fixture in bookies’ shops like the auld Extel box used to be in the corner above the board marker.

As a punter who will bet on everything from horseracing to boxing and NFL to Scottish football (though not against my own team), I’ve no time for puggies in bookies. I’d gladly melt them all down and build a new hoose for John McCririck.

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