What are we trying to do?

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What are we trying to do?

We are certainly not anti gambling. We do however, want to see strong action against ‘FOBTS’ (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) also known as B2 machines – the roulette machines that you find in betting shops. We are currently running a campaign – Stop the FOBTs – you can find out more about the campaign here.

Introduced into betting shops in 2002, at a time when the betting shop industry was unregulated, FOBTs have multiplied in recent years and been dubbed the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’. Due to their use of highly addictive roulette content, FOBTs are making a higher contribution to problem gambling than any other form of gambling.

We want FOBTs to be banned in the UK…

But, with FOBTs now generating around £1.8 billion per year for bookmakers, compared to the combined table and machine win in casinos of under £900 million only, and probably around £700 million for government from all associated taxes, a total ban is unlikely. So, our campaign, is centred around recommending the best restrictions on the content and operation of FOBTs at our recommendations