How many FOBTs are near you?

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Gambling regulation should be not be designed to protect the gambling sector operators, the politicians that approved it, or the regulators that should enforce it. It should be designed and interpreted to protect the consumers – the gamblers. The UK 2005 Gambling Act has many flaws but the most significant flaws relate to FOBTs.

“FOBTs” (fixed odds betting terminals), also known as B2 machines – the gaming machines you find offering roulette in high street betting shops – were introduced when the betting shop sector was unregulated and have since multiplied to now be dubbed the “crack cocaine of gambling”.

We want them stopped.

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Guardian investigates the 'crack cocaine of gambling'
While the craze FOBTs has bolstered big business, there is increasing concern over the social cost of the machines. The industry says there is no evidence for critics' claims but just what is the price in terms of crime, violence and addiction of filling high streets with casino games? Randeep Ramesh of the Guardian investigates.